Vicar's Marathon

The Vicar is back on track…

After having to back out of the London Marathon earlier this year due to injury, Bertrand was determined to don his running shoes again and he put in a great performance at the Berlin Marathon, completing the race in 4hrs 31mins to raise funds for the improvement of some of our community facilities.

Our ‘Porch Room’, in which William Penn was educated, needs to be improved to make it more practical for use by independent groups, and we want to take the opportunity to also update the kitchen and toilet areas, and create another small office space. The project will cost approximately £70,000 and we already have some funding in place, but we would value your help in developing this space for wider use.

Please reward Bertrand's gruelling run and give generously to a worthy cause. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Online, at
  • Through a gift aid envelope marked ‘Vicar’s Marathon’, in church
  • By sending a cheque or a CAF Voucher (made out to All Hallows by the Tower) to: The Vicar’s 2017 Berlin Marathon, c/o the Parish Office, All Hallows by the Tower, Byward Street, London EC3R 5BJ
    A gift Aid form is available HERE if you are a UK tax payer. This significantly increases the value of your gift, so please complete and return this with your cheque if you are able.

Thank you in advance for your generous and continued support.