Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross

This is a popular devotion used by many Christians around the world during Holy Week, in the lead-up to Good Friday and Easter. In fourteen stages, the story of Christ’s arrest, trial, route to the hill of Calvary, death and burial is followed. At each station, a piece of scripture is contemplated and a prayerful reflection is made.

Normally on Palm Sunday we would follow the Stations together during the afternoon, stopping at various points around the church to pray. With the building presently closed because of the Coronavirus restrictions, Adey Grummet has adapted her booklet, The Stations of the Cross at All Hallows, to take us on a virtual prayer walk around the church. Please DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE BOOKLET HERE and join us on our prayer journey.

You can also LISTEN to the Stations of the Cross being read by Adey at:

For this ‘walk’ of prayer, we ask you to imagine you are in All Hallows church. Each location and the route there is described and there is an image of each one as well. Begin by picturing yourself standing in the centre of the church, the Nave, facing towards the large cross in the east window.