Two younger members of our congregation, Tilly and Evie, made the short video above to show what All Hallows means to members of our community. It is a special place, made up of a group of special people, faithfully trying to maintain its mission and ministry on Tower Hill in a relevant way for today. This is of course a huge task which requires much by way of resources - in people and in financial terms. Our life together of prayer, worship, service, outreach, social justice and hospitality is in celebration of, and in response to, the abundance of God’s love and generosity to us and to our world.

As a congregation we have been reflecting on the good stewardship of our earth, and the ways in which we can each contribute to caring for our environment. As we look to the life of the church, we take the same care as we seek to build up its life, grow our congregations and develop our mission, whilst ensuring the ministry that we are engaged in is loving, holy and reflects Christ’s transforming love. It includes our worshipping life, our music and educational activities, caring for the fabric of our building, paying our staff and our Common Fund payment to the diocese, as well as seeking God’s guidance for new initiatives and projects.

There has been a church on the site of All Hallows for over 1,300 years - our Grade 1 listed building is an integral part of the City of London, playing an important part in the lives of countless people over the years. It is our mission to ensure that this sacred space is used to help people encounter God and grow in faith, and to preserve it for future generations, both as a place of worship and a focus for the local community. If we are going to meet our current commitments as well as achieve new growth as part of our vision for the parish, we need the support not only of our members but also of the wider community.

We are challenged to be generous in every aspect of our lives - not just our money, but also our hospitality, time and skills. Our Stewardship campaign is an opportunity for us to thank God for his gifts and reflect prayerfully on how we, in turn, are called to respond. If you would like to support All Hallows, you can find a copy of our stewardship leaflet HERE. Please read it and pray about your response, and then return your form to the parish office ( If you would like more information about stewardship, or generally about our parish activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.