As Christians we believe we have a responsibility to care for God’s created world in all its beauty and diversity. As we read in our newspapers of fires in the Amazon, of extreme weather in many parts of the world, of seas polluted with plastic and of animal species facing extinction we know we need to change our lives to protect the environment and combat catastrophic climate change. We know too, that those least responsible for climate change – people in the developing world – are often the most affected by it, and so in caring for our planet we are also following Jesus’ command to love our neighbour.

At All Hallows we are trying to play our part in living more sustainably and cutting carbon. We have joined the Eco Church scheme (see below) and are looking at a variety of ways in which to work and pray for change. Recent initiatives have included a Creationtide service and prayer station on the environment and the ‘Green City’ series of talks and workshops on different aspects of combating climate change, including an environment quiz, vegan supper, and a talk from major environmental charities on climate change and the developing world.


All Hallows is very pleased to have been awarded a Bronze Award by Eco Church, the scheme run by the Christian environmental charity A Rocha. 

The Eco Church vision is ‘for churches of all denominations to care for creation as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully’. Looking in detail at the different areas of church life - worship and teaching, buildings and land, engagement with the local community and global campaigns, and personal lifestyles – the scheme has helped us think about ways in which we can cut carbon and waste, live more sustainably, and become better stewards of God’s earth.

Our next challenge is to work towards our Silver Award. 

Watch this space!