At the end of one of our Square Mile Churches guided walks on Thursday this week, as we welcomed people back to the City, someone described the walk led by Neil MacGregor, former Director of the National Gallery and the British Museum, as “Like being shown round heaven by St Peter”. 
As people threaded their way through the City, some of the real treasures were uncovered. Historian Tom Holland took us on an early evening walk that started from All Hallows, which he described as ‘a living link to the continuous Christian tradition in London’. At Aldgate where Chaucer lived, he spoke about the Canterbury Tales, written in the shadow of the plague but defiant and celebrating the meeting of strangers and travelling together on pilgrimage. The day was a day of pilgrimages, of music, history, of unexpected encounters and faith uncovered. The theme was Renewal, Recovery and Restoration. As we continue to travel this journey as we come out of the pandemic, we are all invited to look for the treasures around us, to see who we can accompany on the journey and to respond to the need of those who are seeking restoration. 

SUNDAY EUCHARIST, 30 May at 11am 
You are welcome to come in person to the service in church or to join us online. The readings for our service this week are: Ezekiel 17.22-end; 2 Corinthians 5.6-7, 14-17; Mark 4. 26-34, which you can find online HERE. To join us on Zoom, please email vicar@ahbtt.org.uk for the link. You can download the order of service HERE.

The next welcome event will be the Festival of Bells on Saturday 26th June. www.squaremilechurches.co.uk

Mondays 14, 21, 28 June, 5, 12 July, 6.30-7.30pm on Zoom

Our next study group will meet on Monday evenings to consider Alister McGrath's 'Theology: the basics'. This short course will enable us to think through some of the key beliefs of Christians, loosely based around the Apostles' Creed. Buy the book HERE and for an introduction, watch the video HERE. Please email martingcarr@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested in taking part.

Human rights and trade - a tricky combination. China faces international condemnation for its treatment of the Muslim minority in Xinjiang province, where the UN have documented evidence that Uighurs are locked up in camps, forcibly sterilised, deprived of their religious rights, prevented from travelling and holding certain jobs. Governments are calling out China but they’re wary of triggering a full trade spat because there's a lot at stake. China is the centre of gravity of the world economy; opportunity and growth come from there. Can forced labour and the trampling of civil rights ever be tolerated in the name of stability and security? Join us for an important discussion on this issue. Speakers include: Matthew Turner, Executive Director, Labour Campaign for Human Rights. Chair: Richard Burge, Chief Executive at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Register HERE to attend

Please consider contributing to All Hallows’ work on climate change by signing The Time is Now declaration HERE, calling on the government to build a greener future for the UK ahead of the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow later this year. This campaign is run by the Climate Coalition, a collection of over 140 organisations including the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam and the RSPB. Our PCC has made the declaration as a church, and we invite you to join us in signing it individually.

VACCINATIONS: ‘Get One = Give One’
As we receive our Covid-19 vaccination free from the NHS, do consider the challenges being faced by lower income countries. GAVI (the Global Alliance on Vaccination and Immunisation) has made it possible to donate to COVAX, the UN/WHO sponsored initiative to provide safe and effective access to the vaccine in poorer countries, regardless of ability to pay. Celebrate your vaccination with a very practical contribution to the efforts to defeat the pandemic. Please donate HERE and spread the word #GetOneGiveOne

During these challenging times our income has been significantly reduced and we encourage all in our community to continue to give regularly if you are able. You can give by credit card via our Donations page HERE, or by using our QR code on your phone. If you are not able to give online, you can make payments directly to our bank (email Angie for details - parish@ahbtt.org.uk) or post a cheque, made out to ‘All Hallows by the Tower’, to the parish office.